The 5A Framework for the Technology Customer Lifecycle

A model for marketing to customer experience across the technology-buying process


Tech buyers who say vendor relationships seal the deal


Tech buyers who consider themselves highly aware


Tech buyers who recommend privately

Market to future advocates of your technology

We surveyed more than 400 IT decision makers to find out more about the nuances that make technology buying unique.

Technology buyers are different. They: 

  • Keep up on new technologies before they need a solution. 
  • Trust peer and third-party recommendations most, above marketing-created materials. 
  • Value reliability and service above innovation, and say poor vendor engagement can make or break a contract.

Taken together, these suggest that marketing for high-tech is more effective when focused on the customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

And, it means traditional funnel models no longer describe the work you do.

Read about the 5As and how you can use the model to make your marketing more effective.